Digatron - Performance Data Aquisition Systems - lap timing & engine monitoring gauges
Digatron - Performance Data Aquisition Systems - lap timing & engine monitoring gauges
Digatron - Performance Data Aquisition Systems - lap timing & engine monitoring gauges
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Digatron Software 

"New" Digatron Analysis 64 Software for Windows 10

For the DT64 Instrument Only!

Digatron Analysis 64 software is now available for Windows 10 release called Digatron Analysis 64. This software is specially design to work with the Digatron DT64 Instrument Only. The Dt50 series users can contain using the Analysis 3.02 software. The Analysis 64 software has been redesign with input from our customers to make this software easier and simpler to use, Thanks again for all our customers support.

Release candidate V 1.11

DIGATRON Analysis64.zip (7.5 M)


Digatron Analysis 3.20_DT50 Software

For the DT50 series Instrument Only!

Please Read the Installation Instructions before installing Analysis 3.02 software.

If you have installed the previous version of this software you will need to uninstall it before preceding with the installation of this update, important note: all data will be lost with the new installation of this software, if there are Any events (runs) that you would like to save you will need to export the events before uninstalling the previous Software. Once the new software is installed you can import these events back into the updated software. You may install this software with the Analysis DT64 version at the same time.

Note: if you are using our USB to serial adapter you must download the USB to serial adapter driver At the bottom of this page.

Windows VISTA / Win 7 Win 8 and Win 10 software

Analysis 3.20_DT50.zips   (45.8 M)

Installation Instructions -Please read the installation instructions prior to installation

Hardware Requirements:
OS Windows Vista or Windows 7and 8, 10 (Windows CE is not supported with this version)
50 Meg hard drive place
256 Meg of Ram

Cable Requirement:
Digatron PC Cable Assembly - $65.00

Please continue to check this site for updated revisions as required. 
Version numbers and release Dates will be posted with each update.
If you have any questions please contact Digatron Support.
Thank you,
Technical Department, Digatron

Digatron Software

(Older 50 series only with Windows XP and older systems)

Please read and follow the instructions below to successfully download and install our software.

  1. Uninstall any version(s) of the Analysis & Configuration software from your computer, except the Digatron Core Software V2.00.
    • Go to Control Panel and choose Add/Remove programs.
    • Select each Digatron Software less than V2.07 from the program list and choose to remove. (Uninstalling will not remove any of your stored events from your computer.)
  2. Download and install Windows Installer if you have never installed it on your computer before.
    (You only need to install Windows Installer once per computer. Windows XP already has it!)
Your Computer's Operating System Windows Installer File to Download & Install
(Don't download & install again if you have already done it before!)
Windows 98, or ME

(Right click on the links below and choose 'Save Target...')

InstMsiA.exe (1.62 MB)

Windows NT(SP6) or 2000

(Right click on the links below and choose 'Save Target...')

InstMsiW.exe (1.62 MB)

Windows XP Windows Installer comes with Windows XP
Windows Vista and Windows 7 Windows Installer comes with Windows Vista and Windows 7
  1. Download and install Digatron Core Software V2.00 if you have never installed it on your computer before.
    (You may need to download and install this again if removed in Step 1 above.)

Digatron Core Software File to Download & Install

Digatron Core Software V2.00
DTCORE.msi (8.78 MB)

  1. Download and install Digatron Software V2.07a

Digatron Software File to Download & Install

Digatron Software V2.07a
DTS207a.zip (3.3 MB)

  1. After the software is successfully installed, you can start the Software by double-clicking the icon that was placed on the desktop during installation.

Click here for a list of Version Changes and previous software versions

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Digatron Dragster Software

"This download is for installing the new Digatron Dragster software version 1.3.3. If this is first time you have installed the Digatron Dragster software, you must first install the Microsoft .Net Framework. This can be done by performing a Microsoft windows Update at the following site: http://v4.windowsupdate.microsoft.com/en/default.asp

This may take some time to download. If you do not have a high-speed connection, or do not want to wait for the download, you may contact Digatron to order the full installation CD.

If you have a prior version of the Digatron Dragster software on your PC or laptop, then you do not have to install the .Net Framework again. To install the newest version of Dragster, DO NOT uninstall the previous version; this will permanently delete any race files that you have already downloaded. To install the new version, simply run the DD_Setup.msi file that you download from this site. Note: if you do not have the .Net Framework installed on your machine, then this installation will fail with a message stating that you need to install it."

Digatron Dragster Software File to Download & Install

Digatron Dragster Software V1.3.3
DD_Setup.zip (2.90MB)

Click here for a list of Version Changes

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Computer Requirements

  • Processor: minimum of 1 GHz
  • Memory: 512 mg RAM
  • Hard Drive Capacity: at least 40MB free space
  • Operating system: Windows 98 or above (NOT Win95), includes XP

This software will progress in functionality as time goes on. We will continue to update this software as more and more options are added to it.

You may experience problems running this software if you have an old or slow computer. We highly recommend using a computer than runs no slower than 250Mhz.

Feel free to download this version and try it on your computer. If it doesn't work please let us know the model, speed, and memory characteristics of the computer it doesn't work on. We will use your input to help us fix any compatibility problems that arise.

Note: You must purchase a special Digatron Download Cable to connect the instrument to your computer. A serial and USB connector are provided with our download cable.

Download and install USB Adapter Driver (only use this driver if you are using the supplied USB adapter. The driver is not required when the download cable is connected to a Serial (com) port. Once downloaded, unzip the file to your PC.

DIGATRON USB Adapter Driver (PL2303)
PL-2303 Driver Installer (XP, Vista) (2.0 MB)
CH341 Driver Installer (Win 7, 8 and 10)

USB to Serial Driver Installation Procedure


  1. Remove the USB to serial adapter if it’s plug into your computer.
  2. Next unzip the driver files to your hard drive
  3. With the files coped to your hard drive, run the file named “PL 2303 driver Installer.exe”. After the driver is installed the computer should automatically reboot itself, if not you will need to reboot the computer manually.
  4. When the computer reboots, plug in the USB adapter. A hardware wizard will popup with the final installation, pressing the next button will install the new hardware. Press finish when done.
  5. Your new USB to Serial adapter is ready to use.


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